TUBALL™ Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes

As the first mass-produced single wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) product, TUBALL™ introduces universal nanomodifiers to a broad range of materials at industrial scale. Carbon nanomaterials are poised to improve existing and future materials technology in a number of significant ways by simultaneously enhancing the strength, electrical and/or thermal conductivity of most materials. These benefits allow for improvements to current materials as well as create opportunities to design new composite materials with previously unseen combinations of capabilities.

TUBALL™ consists of single wall carbon nanotubes with an extremely low amount of impurities “as produced” (SWCNT content ≥75%) and does not require further purification for a majority of applications. With a proven effectiveness starting from 0.001% of filler content by weight, TUBALL™ has demonstrated materials improvements in a wide range of applications, including batteries, polymer composites, plastics, rubbers, metals and many others.

TUBALL™ features

  • High single wall carbon nanotube content in the material "as produced" (≥75)
  • Extremely low amount of amorphous carbon (<1%)
  • Encapsulation of virtually all inorganic (Iron/Fe) impurities
  • High crystallinity of nanotubes, G/D ratio over 70
  • Market price 50 times lower compared to analogues

TUBALL™ is readily available in sufficient quantities to satisfy global industrial needs for high volume applications. This makes the extensive use of single wall carbon nanotubes commercially viable for the first time. This scale allows TUBALL™ to be provided to researchers and startups through matching awards and free samples through the iNanoComm program.


iNanoComm provides unprecedented access to single wall carbon nanotube sample materials, providing 1 to 5 grams of TUBALL™ at no cost to researchers and startups. For more information visit the Sample Request page.

Technical Specifications

Specification Units of measure Value Method of evaluation
Carbon content wt.% >85 TGA, EDX
CNT Content wt.% ≥75 TEM, TGA
Number of layers CNT unit 1-2 TEM
Outer mean diameter CNT nm 1.8±0.4 Raman, TEM
Length of CNT µm >5 AFM
Metal impurities wt.% <15 EDX, TGA

Technical parameters of TUBALL have been confirmed by Intertek, see below for Certificate of Analysis.

NOTE: If you are looking to purchase TUBALL™ for commercial use unrelated to university research or startup applications, please contact info@inanocomm.org or use our Contact page.