Award Recipient Institutions

With the potential to significantly alter the way organizations look at carbon nanomaterial research towards mass commercialization applications, iNanoComm is positioned to drive real change within the academic research and startup communities.

Researchers and startups are invited to request a free sample of TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes. For details visit the Sample Request page.


Launch Partners

The Smalley-Curl Center at Rice University is an inaugural iNanoComm award recipient for their work on creating a lightweight conductive thread of carbon nanotubes to replace copper wire and foster a new network of energy distribution in our nation’s aging electrical infrastructure.


Concordia University is an award recipient for their work on conductive structural adhesives based on SWCNT dispersions and buckypapers. High strength conductive adhesives in the aerospace industry will ensure electrical continuity and improve charge dissipation, EMI shielding and lightning protection of bonded structures.


iNanoComm has already supported over 100 groups and projects across more than 55 institutions in the United States, Canada and Australia. See below for a sample of institutions receiving support through the program.

Select institutions receiving materials through iNanoComm

Select institutions receiving materials through iNanoComm