iNanoComm Award Application

Award winners receive access to single wall carbon nanotube materials at significantly reduced costs through a matching grant. This cost reduction allows for greatly improved research and application opportunities as well as leaving more room in the budget for other research projects.

Matching Awards provide a free amount of carbon nanotubes equivalent to the amount purchased, reducing costs by 50%. For example, if a project requires 500 grams, the institution or company pays for 250 grams and iNanoComm matches this amount, providing an additional 250 grams at no cost.


To review Matching Award details, including Matching Award benefits, eligibility, and pricing information review the Award page.

iNanoComm also provides free material samples of TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes. Visit the Sample Request page to request a free sample to try TUBALL™ in your application today.

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iNanoComm Matching Award Application

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Note: Matching Award materials are typically available within 30 days of receiving an Award
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